1. So enjoying your new website, Marga. I’ve Bookmarked your page on Women Street Photographers as theres so much there to be savoured.
    You might be interested in GWL (GLASGOW WOMEN”S LIBRARY) they have masses of resources. they are quite a unique institution . Equally they might be VERY interested in your research!
    Your sheer joy in taking photographs really comes across in your writing and pictures.

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    1. Thanks again for your information. I did not know the GWL, but it certainly looks promising. A pity that I do not live nearby, because I would have been able to lend some Margaret Watkins books (I will have a look at the catalogue of our National Library though, that one is quite good). Right now I am researching a Catalan woman photographer and hope to publish some notes about her soon.
      I think I will join the GWL’s Digital Book Group, it is always fun discussing books with interested fellow readers.

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      1. That’s great. I’ll follow your progress ! I’m keen to see the work of the Catalan photographer, especially if she worked in the region. Visited Montserrat again this year. How I would love to walk in those hills. Have a good week.

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