1. Thank you, Helen. After having explored several kinds of photography I have finally settled for street photos, because I am very interested in people and their behaviour in the public space. At the moment I am doing a course in street photography and hope to get better every day, so that you can keep enjoying these snippets.

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      1. It is a very interesting course. We not only learn a lot about the history of street photography, but the assignments are also very challenging as they are meant to sharpen our view. Ten minutes ago I returned from a photo tour aiming to take pictures like those of Robert Frank in his album ‘The Americans’.

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      2. Yes, I have seen quite a lot of her photos. Right now I am reading a book of the history of street photography which dedicates a long chapter to her, so I will be getting there briefly.

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      3. There’s another one you might come across. She was unknown in her day, but someone I met in Glasgow found a treasure trove of her work dating back to 1920s. He has curated exhibitions in Paris, New York and Moscow. She was a wonderful street photographer….only her name escapes me for the moment . I’ll google it and send it to you later.
        I’m posting right now on my new MONOZONE website and am just linking a Pingback to you.

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  1. Thank you, Laura. The young man at the foreground must have been deep in thought, because he did not notice me at all. I got the impression he was a bit sad, but that could be my imagination.


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