1. Awww He’s having fun.
    Canadian photographer Margaret Watkins is one to google. Her street photography in Glasgow and a Paris in the 1920s and 30s is amazing. She was so ahead of her time. She died unknown in Glasgow in 1969 and left a box of goodies to her neighbour, Glasgow lawyer Joe Mulholland. He has opened a gallery called Hidden Lane and has also exhibited her work in USA , Canada, Paris and Russia. .

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    1. That certainly is a great find, Helen. Google (Images) offer me some links that I am going to follow in the next couple of days. On my blog I have a page about woman photographers and I will shortly include Margaret Watkins. I have just been thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to write some short notes about each photographer starting with MW. Thank you very much for suggesting her!

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      1. I’ve been to a couple of exhibitions of her work. She died unknown. Her work is superb. Right up there with the greats. I’m so pleased you’ll be researching her. Happy Googling! 😊

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