1. Thank you, Helen. Just when I was thinking that I had better go home, I saw this threesome walking towards me. As one of the items I am looking out for is people carrying things (actually because they often tell a story), my interest was immediately roused. The girl looked so happy that I did not hesitate.

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      1. This has all the ingredients of famous iconic Black&White pictures from 50s and 60s. Interesting about looking to see what people are carrying. I must try that when I get back into “proper” photography. It’s been so hot this summer, my camera is soooooo heavy……and my iPhone is making me lazy.

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      2. We also have had such hot days that I barely ventured outside, let alone roaming the streets with my camera.
        I am looking forward to your pictures of people with stuff. For me it works when I have a couple of themes at the back of my head, so that I can try and make the most of the moment. Have fun!

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