Throwback Thursday: The children in the mill

Dordrecht (Netherlands)

This month it is two years ago that we moved from Dordrecht (Netherlands) to Banyoles (Catalonia), but I still have lots of photographs of my former hometown to show you. So that is what I will do on Throwback Thursday.


  1. Look forward to seeing more like this. You capture a lot in a single photo.
    I found old files yesterday from Amsterdam trip 2013. I’ve put up some faces from the crowd on my PHOTOPHILE blog. I’d already done a few in B&W for my other website, MonoZone.Online.
    Plenty of time these days to hunt through old files!


    1. Thank you, Helen. I have looked up the files you mention, and I think the Amsterdam portraits are great. They show each personality just as they are, lovely! And I love the monochrome pictures too.

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      1. Thank you so much Marga. I’ve also got loads of pictures still to process from various trips to Barcelona and to Montserrat. Our photography keeps us going in these challenging times!


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