Ray of sunshine

Carrer de la Llibertat, Banyoles (Catalonia)

Everyday she sits before the shop watching people going by. Today it was rather cold, so she just put her chair in the middle of the pavement to enjoy the sun.


  1. I am always impressed by how much you can say in one picture!
    This scene led my train of thought in so many ways and to so many places. (Ending up back home with thinking how our cat is like a human sundial on a bed upstairs in a south-facing room. She ends up pinning herself against a wall to enjoy the last of the sun’s rays 😹)

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    1. Thank you, Helen, you made my day!
      The last few years I have been doing some photography courses where I got the idea that I had to develop a style of my own. I never could lay my finger on what exactly my style was, because I just capture what catches my eye. Now I begin to think that maybe that is my style.:-)
      By the way, I love your comparison of the cat and the sundial, because we also have one here who follows the sun all through the house during the day, making the most of every bit of sunlight.

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