Safe with Daddy

Banyoles (Catalonia)

Colour or black & white? What do you think?


  1. The graphics of the shirts maybe work better since they are primary colors. I like their boldness. The black and white is a different photograph altogether


    1. I appreciate your comment, David! Funny that the two photos leave quite another impression, isn’t it? When I took the photo, I was attracted to the contrast of the vulnerability of the child’s small hand and foot in the stronger arm of the adult. Only later at home I was struck with the primary colors and the prints you mention.

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    1. Great to hear from you! The last three years or so I have been shooting in black and white which I think is very suitable for street photography, and more so because I like to create a kind of documentary of life on the street in its many forms.

      The recent colour photos are an experiment trying to explore their possibilities and answering my question if I should stick to B&W or return to colour. Time will tell…


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