Love birds

Promenade along the lake of Banyoles (Catalonia)

Sometimes you only see the surprising details in the photos when at home. Just now I noticed the two pigeons making love unheeded by the two walkers, each one immersed in their own music.

Washing in the canal

Rec Major, Banyoles (Catalonia)

The town of Banyoles boasts a medieval network of small canals (‘recs’) constructed by the monks of the monastery further inland to reconduct water of the lake to their allotments.

Some inhabitants still use the ‘rec’ as a wash basin (‘safareig’) that every village and town traditionally had and where women used to gather to wash, and exchange their experiences as well as the latest gossip.

Coffee on the street

Plaça dels Turers, Banyoles (Catalonia)

At the moment bars and restaurants have very limited opening hours, although they are allowed to sell take aways. The only thing is… you have to consume your coffee on the street, regardless of the temperature which at the moment is rather low considering the climate.