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Since January 2016 I have been enjoying the opportunities that retirement is offering me. My hobbies are manifold and after having put an end to my translation agency I was wondering which of them would come floating to the surface.

Reading is a lifelong passion, so that one was sure to stay. Photography has joined it since a couple of years and has passed beyond the holiday photo phase. Several times a week I post a picture accompanied by some comments on my general photoblog The Photographer Smiled… that some of you may already have visited.

Over the months I have come to realize that I not only love street photography, but that it is addictive. I have always been fascinated by people and capturing them shows the myriad of personalities that never cease to interest me and I realize how infinitely diverse humankind is.

So I decided to dedicate this blog to street photography. In order to focus my view out on the streets I frequently hunt for pictures that suit my four projects. Please click on the project names in the menu where you will find photos about:

At the market

Every Friday and Saturday you can find a market in the centre of Dordrecht, the town where I used to live. A myriad of articles are being sold, especially food like vegetables, cheese, fish, and meat. But you can also find a repair stall of bicycles and stalls selling fabrics, pots and pans, toiletries, etc. I loved to walk around and take pictures, and never went home without buying some delicious regional farmer’s cheese. Now I live in Catalonia and plan to take my camera to the Wednesday market.

People at work
It is great to see the dedication of people while they are working whether it is the garbage collector, the ice-cream vendor or the organ grinder. Surprisingly many jobs are done in the streets.

As I got fed up with photos of people fiddling with their smartphones, I asked myself if I was the only one who loved to read. Fortunately every now and then I find someone reading a book, the newspaper or the like. Easier in summer, of course.

Ever since I did an assertiveness training a couple of decades ago where I met women in dire circumstances than mine, I have been interested in the history and lives of women. This resulted in several activities, such as the edition/translation of a bilingual anthology of poems by Catalan women poets. With my photos I try to explore and document the space and role women occupy in the public sphere.

If you are interested in some kind of activity, such as eating, shopping or waiting for someone, look for the tag at the bottom of every post.

So if you are in town, beware of a photographer roaming the streets. You may end up on this blog!

Marga Demmers

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