Mother and daughter in the crowd

What are mother and daughter looking at? (Statenplein, Dordrecht, Netherlands)

Yesterday I was reading Eric Kim’s article on ‘Spot the Not’ about the difficulties of capturing multiple subjects and still getting clear what (or who) your main subject is. According to his article ““spotting the not” is the idea that one subject in the frame isn’t doing the same thing as the others, (…).”

Then this picture came to my mind. The occasion was a public holiday and a brass band had been playing on the main square of Dordrecht. The band had finished their program and was marching away. Everyone was watching their departure, except this mother and daughter.

Church visit


Every second weekend of September thousands of Dutch monuments, public and private, open their doors for a free visit. A unique occasion to enter buildings you know from the outside, but never could visit.

This picture was taken last year at the Old Church of Dordrecht; I am already looking forward to this year’s event.