A book as a present

Sant Jordi, Plaça Major of Banyoles (Catalonia)

On 23 April Catalonia celebrates Sant Jordi (Saint George), a day filled with books and roses.

Traditionally the man gives the woman a rose and she gives him a book. Nowadays things have changed and books and roses are given freely.

But it seems the girl of the photo preferred to hang on to the idea of presenting her lover with a book which she has just given him: the collection of poetry ‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ by Rupi Kaur. Will she get her rose?

Cinema reflections


As I love going to the movies, I am often found in an industrial and office area of Rotterdam that in itself is not especially interesting for street photographers.

Yet for me this is a strong incentive to take my camera and try and capture some pictures with people in these for me not very attractive surroundings.

This girl was waiting for the cinema to open and apparently looking for something in her purse. The glass façade reflecting the parked bicycles and the buildings at the other side of the street persuaded me to take this photo.

For Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Reflection.