At the Lake of Banyoles


Some six months ago I posted this photo of a man reading at the Lake of Banyoles (Catalonia). My husband and I have always been in love with this lake and the small historic town alongside it.

And suddenly there was this superb, affordable flat that has a view on the lake. We discussed it for two days, but in our hearts already knew that we wanted to go and have a look at the house.

To make a long story short: we are going to move to Banyoles. This means we have hectic weeks ahead, so posting will not be one of my priorities for the next two months. But I will be back with more street photos showing what life is like in this terrific spot. Then picture me reading on a bench next to the lake!

Television report


Recently I was in Rotterdam and happened to pass the rear entrace of the court of justice where a television crew was getting ready to cover the arrival of a police van with a couple of men accused of terrorism.

The left man is looking out for the van, while the right man in which I recognized the reporter Jan Willem Hofs, is fiddling with his microphone transmitter. Later that day I watched the whole coverage on the eight o’ clock news.

Cinema reflections


As I love going to the movies, I am often found in an industrial and office area of Rotterdam that in itself is not especially interesting for street photographers.

Yet for me this is a strong incentive to take my camera and try and capture some pictures with people in these for me not very attractive surroundings.

This girl was waiting for the cinema to open and apparently looking for something in her purse. The glass façade reflecting the parked bicycles and the buildings at the other side of the street persuaded me to take this photo.

For Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Reflection.



In between the streets in the historic centre of Dordrecht there is an inner court that once belonged to a monastery. Now children use it as a playground, people come and sit on one of the benches or have a picknick like these neighbours. A quiet place in the middle of a busy city.